Here’s what people who’ve been to Brittany’s keynotes are saying: 



“Brittany Hodak is amazing!  Her down-to-earth style, engaging personality, and spot-on content were perfect for our event. We will absolutely use her for future events.” — Justin Stutz,  Williston Financial Group (2019)

“Please know we cannot thank you enough! Your insight and skill for keeping crafty women at attention was solid! THANK YOU! We are still speaking of what you trained us on and I cannot express how grateful I am for you. We seriously love you!” — Buffy Dumont, Chalky & Co. (2019)

“Brittany is one of the most impactful speakers we’ve put in front of our employees! In a world where it’s difficult to break through all the noise, Brittany gave our staff the proper mindset and tangible takeaways to create our own raving Superfans.” — Justin Tucker, CMO, west (2018)


“I consider myself so fortunate to have been introduced to Brittany Hodak and to have had the opportunity to include her as a speaker on building Superfans at the 17th annual Brand ManageCamp conference. Every now and then, I get the chance to meet someone that shines so bright that I just know I’m in the presence of a future hall-of-famer – and this was DEFINITELY one of those times. On-stage, Brittany is just as likeable, relatable, helpful, and insightful as she is in person – which just adds to her charm and her ability to connect with an audience. Our attendees loved her and we would work with her again in a heartbeat. And so should you.” — Len Herstein, CEO & President, Brand ManageCamp (2019)

"Brittany Hodak brought incredible value to our event as the keynote speaker. Her content and delivery won her fans for life — we are still hearing about the impact she made months after the summit! Not surprisingly, our attendees gave her session the highest-possible ranking. I would book her  again in a heartbeat and will travel to hear her whenever I'm able. She's an amazing speaker, but an even more amazing human, and that shines through!!" — Sarah Wheeler, Managing Editor, HousingWire (2019)

“Brittany’s positivity and enthusiasm simply radiate from the stage. She is the total package!”  — Julie Shaffer, Association For Print Technologies (2018)

“Book Brittany if you want a dynamic, funny, make-people-pay-attention speaker! Audiences embrace her immediately and take away actionable tips they can use right away.” — Julia Pimsleur, Million Dollar Women (2018)


"You were amazing! It all just clicked for so many situations both in my business and personal life. I can’t wait to get home and apply what I learned to see the results. You provided me with “the missing link” I have been searching for!!! From the bottom of my heart, Thank You!" — Gina S. (2019)

"Thank you for all the great info. I will be implementing it in my business TODAY!!" — Sarah B. (2019)

"Your presentation was such an eye opener for things I should be doing differently in my business. Thank you for helping me see that The Who and The Why are so much more important than The How!!" — Melissa R. (2019)


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